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Hypnobirthing in Surrey and S.East

After nine long months of waiting, the birth of your baby should be a day you look forward to with excitement, confidence and a sense of calm. Sadly, in our culture, we have loaded our minds with negative pre-conceptions of childbirth which can manifest itself as fear, anxiety and tension. When you go into birth without fear of the process, it makes it easier for your body to perform as it is designed to. It also enables you to stay calm and make decisions from a rational perspective, rather than from a highly emotional state of being. Knowledge, information and feeling supported and heard by your caregivers are also key elements to achieving a positive birth. However, all this is not a given – you have to set yourself up beforehand and build a solid foundation. Hypnobirthing gives you all this…and more.

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What people are saying

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Lucy, Mother

Miriam is a wonderful, positive, calm teacher who is passionate about helping people to feel relaxed and in control of their own birthing experience. I highly recommend

Julia, Mother

I recently gave birth to my daughter and it couldn't have gone more perfectly - thanks to Miriam's hypnobirthing classes and constant support to help me stay positive! I wanted a better experience after my first birth. Thank you so much, Miriam, for giving me an experience of a lifetime. I can't thank you enough!

Anna, Mother

We were sceptical to begin with but after 10 minutes into our first class with Miriam we were absolutely hooked! Her classes enabled us to have the most beautiful & positive birth experience. All pregnant women should do her course!

Laura, Mother

I had no idea what to expect but I left the course feeling completely empowered, knowledgeable and in control. Hypnobirthing is amazing! Thank you Miriam!

Michael, Father

Over the last few years I have had an increasing number of clients who have had truly beautiful, gentle and calm births. The common factor in these births seeems to be that they have attended a KG Hypnobirthing Course.

Odette, Midwife
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